Krystle has been involved behind the scenes of peiec healing since its inception. She has a deep understanding of peiec and all it encompasses, and has experienced significant changes within her own life. Krystle was the first person to receive what was to become known as ‘peiec.’ She was also witness to the complex guided messages that came down in the early days and was there to witness Anandi’s transfomation into peace and her current state of being.

Krystle has experienced a deep and profound transformation through being present with Anandi and assists her in all courses, retreats and events. Krystle is the only person that has been personally trained by Anandi and has worked with her in a clinic environment.

Through her time spent with Anandi and her work with peiec Krystle has a new found love of self and of life. She exudes calmness and joy and is a true testament to what Anandi and peiec has to offer.

Krystle is the assistant instructor of peiec and is also a mentor to the peiec students.

When not taking her own clients on their spiritual journeys, Krystle also works with Anandi facilitating transformation packages. Clients and students often mention how they feel Anandi’s presence and energy in Krystle’s sessions, which provides a unique experience for the client or student. Anandi is always aware when Krystle is working with clients and assists remotely just through her connection with Krystle.

To book sessions with Krystle you can contact her through The Newness  or  at

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