. Anandi Sano offers limited private transformation packages for people who want to take their spiritual and healing journey to the next level. Anandi offers three different packages – Silver, Gold and Platinum. For more information about the Transformation Packages please email us at .


As many students and clients can attest, the energy Anandi Sano continually flows is powerfully transformational and she impacts others through the power of her consciousness and her connection to Source . While sharing her company people find their life moments can start to release and shift and the benefits of this may be felt within a person’s physical, emotional and energetic self. As Anandi Sano enters these moments of deep Source, the flow of energy is amplified to encompass everyone.

This experience can create a powerful yet gentle flow, balance, healing and connection between a person’s energetic and physical self. People have reported being able to feel the energy throughout their own bodies as they sit in her company. A comment that is often made is how one is overtaken with feelings of peace and calm which last well beyond being in this expansive space. To be in her presence is to feel imbued with limitless love and deep serenity.

During each event, Anandi Sano is guided to work on the land, a group or individuals. It is also possible to have a photo of a loved one near you that is in need of healing.


 “It’s like being wrapped in Source’s embrace” – Anandi Sano 

Each Prayer Shawl flows with Sano’s beautiful energy, and is personally infused to each individual. Perfect as a gift or to have for self, these are a beautiful way to restore, renew and envelop yourself in a divine embrace. Every shawl is unique to the person it is intended for, and Anandi only requires the name of the person and Source will do the rest. These Shawls can be used for children and adults, and have also been infused for animals as part of their healing.

Prayer shawls can be worn over clothing, or draped across you as you lay down to create a deep sense of peace and calmness as the energy washes throughout your entire being. 


These energy videos are created specific for each individual and infused with the unique energy that flows from Anandi Sano.

The video holds an energy and vibration that assists you on your journey, and Source knows exactly what is required in each healing video.

Each personalized video is infused with your own unique rainbow.

As you first play your personalized healing video, you may only be able to process the colour red and perhaps a little bit of green- yet over time as you heal further and your vibration increases, you are able to hold more energy and light- and take in more colours of your rainbow.

These personalized videos create dynamic shifts across the energetic layers of self, and can be downloaded and transferred to all your devices so you always have access 24/7.


Your life and business connected to the purity of all that is you and Source. Your business journey is crafted to not only connect you with all that is you, and to create a deeper connection to Source. It is also to ignite the joy of life and living, and to bring to your business a clear purpose, direction, clarity and excitement creating infinite possibilities.  This program requires significant personal growth and investment. Serious enquiries only.

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To book Sano, please email us at or send an inquiry through our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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